New digs!

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I am really excited to announce that we have a brand new home at www.lilzbear.com !  Blogging as a new mama began simply as a way to create an online journal for Lil Z.  Now I am so flattered when people let me know that they enjoy reading my blog and that they find my posts helpful.  It has also been a great way to keep my family and friends in the loop of what is going on with Lil Z since so many of them live so far away.

I want to thank each and every one of my readers for taking the time to stop by and reading what I have to say.  I am really flattered that I have subscribers, I really love you guys!  I want to invite you to re-subscribe via email to my new website, since it is a self-hosted blog.  There are a lot of cool new options in my blog, allowing you to follow via email and Twitter, and share a post you like via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and a few others.  I even have some giveaways planned that I am super excited about!

So welcome to my new and improved blog!  You will be redirected to it when you visit this website starting in a few days.  Please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions.  Hope you keep reading!


Mama Bear


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Another great weekend with our cub!  The highight: our Lil Z got his first tooth!  In typical Lil Z-Bear fashion, he went to bed happy as a clam on Friday night and woke up smiling with a gorgeous white tooth on his lower gumline.  We are absolutely infatuated with his new smile, but it has been hard to get a good picture of it yet.  We’ve heard that once a tooth comes, they keep on coming.  Here’s hoping the rest are as easy as the first one!

Sleeping arrangements

Our lil guy is getting so big, he doesn't even want to sit in his carseat 🙂

We have a lovely night time routine.  Lil Z-Bear gets a bath, gets dressed in a pair of cozy pajamas, I hold him and walk around the house with the lights turned low, and if he is in a good mood we sit down and read a book.  Goodnight Moon has been our favorite for some time (there is an unspoken genius to the pages ‘Good night nobody, Good night mush’) but lately he has been favoring Guess how much I love you.  I think he likes the pictures of the hare hopping around.  Then he does the magic move – he rubs his eyes and nose and I know it is time for bed.  I lay him down in his Sleep Sack, turn on his Sleep Sheep and also his Glow Seahorse.  After a few more words of encouragement, a prayer, and a few rubs of his belly, I turn on his Turtle and walk out.  I don’t stand around to wait for him to fall asleep because if I am in the room he continues to smile at me and fights sleep. 

His crib looks so cozy that I fight the urge to climb in with him and fall asleep next to him.  But we have never been co-sleepers.  Not because as parents we didn’t want him to sleep with us, but because he prefers to sleep alone.  When our little cub was a wee little thing, he would sleep in the bassinet in our room next to our bed.  This way when he would wake up every two to three hours for his feeding, he was right there at arm’s reach.  But if I ever brought him in the bed next to us, he would fuss and not fall asleep.  He just liked his own space.  In the day time he took his naps in his room in the crib and at night we brought him into our room.  Then one night it was time for bed and he hadn’t woken up from his nap in his crib.  So we brought the baby monitor into our room and fell asleep knowing he would be waking us up soon.  We woke up 6 glorious hours later to his cries (the longest he had ever slept at night at the time) and we were surprised he had slept so long.  Then we discovered a pattern, he slept longer in his crib in his room at night than in his bassinet next to us.  So, although as a mama I sniffled a little that he was growing up, we permanently moved him to his own room.

I love reading about other mamas who enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping, but alas, it just isn’t for us.  Not because we willed it so, but because our little guy likes his independence and he doesn’t like to share a sleeping space!

Here’s to sunny days!

Hurry up already summer!  We can’t wait.

Easy like Sunday morning

Good morning everyone!  And Lil Z-Bear wishes you a very good morning too.  He was looking particularly fetching in a yellow Fuzzibunz.

We just started our day with some amazing and easy-peasy french toast.  I’d love to share the recipe:

Never-fail French Toast

6 slices of Challah bread
4 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon butter

Cut the bread into slices.

Heat a skillet on medium heat.  Whisk together the eggs, milk, and sugar until frothy.

Spread half of the butter on to the heated skillet (it should sizzle). Dip the bread into the egg mixture and let the bread soak for a few seconds before transferring to skillet to cook.

Cook each side on medium heat until golden brown.  Slightly press on the bread while cooking.  This makes the texture inside the french toast soft while the outside is a little crunchy since it is browned in butter. 

Spread remaining butter on french toast.  Serve with maple syrup or honey.


You can lead me baby

I used to be very by-the-book on what solids to feed Lil Z-Bear.  He started with a little bit of rice cereal at around 4 months, and then around 6 months we introduced bananas, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  We slowly kept building his repertoire with single ingredient mashed and strained fruits and veggies (although I did add spices to his food early on).  I waited longer than the required 3 days between new foods, and every time he ate something new a part of me felt nervous.  At 8 months now, I have stopped being so cautious.  Because Lil Z wants to eat whatever we are eating.  So instead of letting a chart decide what is and isn’t ok for him, I am letting him lead.  And I found out I am not unique in this; there is a whole slew of baby-led weaning mothers out there. 

Now when Z-Bear sits at the table with us, I give him little morsels of whatever we are eating and he loves it!   I have been horrified for so long by seeing what passes as ‘Country Chicken Dinner’ in a jar at the store.  It seems unnatural for baby not to know what real food should smell, look and taste like.   He has no teeth yet, but I am in love with how he chews his food.  I cannot help but wonder if chewing is a natural reflex just like sucking is for babies, or if he is imitating what we are doing.  Either way, he loves to be included during meal time.

This weekend I made curried chicken, and I fed it to him with bits of naan and he was delighted.  He did not mind one bit that there was red cayenne pepper and a sprinkling of green chilies in the dish.  He LOVED the spicy taste and he had no irritation after eating it either.  I love this new stage with the little one because now I am mindful of preparing food that is more organic and has very little salt so it is good for mama and papa as well.  And although I still continue to feed him home made baby food, he can have a few nibbles with us too.

Weekend Round-up IV

Three day weekend. How do I love thee, let me count the ways:

I love you because it means we get to spend tons of time with our little cub.  I love you because we finally get to try Fuzzibunz cloth diapers.   So far, I am in love with them and I keep kicking myself for not switching to cloth diapers sooner.  I’ll be doing a detailed review after we have been using them for a few weeks.

I LOVE how cute Z-Bear's bum looks in the cloth diapers!

 I love you because we get to take cute pictures with these cloth diapers.

A chocolate bunny and our cub in a purple Fuzzibunz...I just couldn't resist taking this picture!

Love the chubby thighs wrapped in the Fuzzibunz

I love you because it means impromptu trips with Lil Z.  We went to the Adventure Aquarium, and Z-Bear loved every minute of it!  (And so did we!)  He was fascinated by the colorful marine life swimming around, and he squealed when he saw the big fish (especially sharks) coming towards the glass.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was in delight or because he was a little afraid.  But either way, he was a charming baby the whole day.  (Pictures are blurry due to the low lighting.)

Z-Bear enjoyed looking at the sting rays swimming by

I love you because it allows for long Sunday lunches, munching on sushi while talking about everything and nothing at all.  And even Lil Z enjoyed a few bites of noodles.

The worst part about a relaxed long weekend, coming back to work on a snowy Tuesday!

Reflections on a Friday

What I am excited about

We got the Fuzzibunz cloth diapers in the mail this week.  I love the way they look and feel!  We will begin using them this weekend. 

What I am in love with

Lil Z-Bear, you are getting cuter by the minute!  We snap so many pictures of you using my camera, papa’s camera, and our cellphones.  Sometimes about 20 of the exact same pose.  I cannot help but wonder what parents did before digital cameras.

What I am listening to on the train ride to work

Ray LaMontagne.  His husky voice and mournful lyrics are the perfect backdrop to the muddy landscape as the snow is melting and some persistent patches of ice still float upon the river. 

What has me feeling optimistic

I love this time of year.  It’s still cold and bare, but there is life underneath the barren ground almost bursting at the seams waiting to come out.  Some trees already have the tiny brown buds that will flourish into bright leaves in a matter of weeks.  That buzz of life popping around me always makes me smile.

What has me feeling nostalgic

Muddy boots.  Now that the white stuff is disappearing, there is a lot of sodden mud around.  I find my boots covered with a layer of mud after my walk from the train station.  And I find myself opting to walk through the trees and grass instead of the sidewalk because I love the squishy feel of mud around my feet.  It reminds me of childhood, when I would purposefully step in puddles just for the sheer joy of it.

Bring on the 3 day weekend!

On Valentine’s Day

I have mixed feelings about this holiday.  On the one hand I can’t hate on any day that celebrates love.  On the other hand, it seems a little arbitrary to choose one specific day to celebrate the most cherished of emotions.  I am a lucky girl that every day I am blessed with so much love in my life.  And as cliché as it may sound, in our house every day truly is Valentine’s Day!

 Here’s to my two loves: My beloved and my bear!