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This Thanksgiving weekend was chock full of firsts.  I was in such holiday weekend mode, it was near impossible rolling out of bed this morning, getting dressed, heading to work and leaving Lil Z-Bear home.

Z-Bear loved sitting in the warm kitchen and watching mama cook.  He was especially excited when we got ready to put the turkey in the oven.  But wait a second…that’s not the turkey!

Uh-oh, sorry Z-Bear, it got a little confusing since you are both the same size.  But he forgave us and was happy to see just how nice the turkey came out. 

And he digged in with us. Lil Z got his first vegetable that day: sweet potatoes…he was a fan!

The next day we went out and bought our little guy a highchair.  I was enjoying using the Bumbo chair for the past couple of weeks, but now that we have the highchair, it’s so easy for feedings, we absolutely love it.  He loved it too!

I spent the weekend preparing pureed organic veggies – sweet potatoes for now, and carrots and avocado to try out later in the week.  I always knew I wanted to feed Z-Bear homemade baby food, and this weekend I discovered making it is a cinch.  I simply roasted them in the oven until super tender, and mashed them until they were smooth.  I also put in a dash of pepper, because I am counting on Z-Bear to like spices just as much as I do.  I am in love with these freezer containers we found at Babies R Us for storing.

Saturday was the first night hubby and I went out without the baby.  We went to an engagement party for a family friend, and we had a good time.  And we got to come home to this fellow…notice that he is out of the swaddle!  Yes, that was another first this weekend, he has now moved on to the Halo Sleep Sack.

We wrapped up with a lazy Sunday, staying in, playing with Z-Bear, watching movies, and enjoying some quality family time.  The perfect ending to a perfect weekend.


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I am super excited that at Z-Bear’s 5 month doctor’s appointment, we got the green light to start introducing some more solid foods.  What is also great is that Thanksgiving allows for so many baby friendly foods.  So, in addition to the menu I am preparing for our first Thanksgiving dinner with Lil Z, I am thinking of what to feed him that day.  The result: his first veggie is going to be sweet potatoes! But not just any ordinary sweet potatoes, but farm fresh sweet potatoes that we picked together with him at Johnson’s Farm

Our bird is 16 lbs, because Lil Z was exactly 16 lbs the day we purchased the turkey.  Yay!  Can’t wait to dig in!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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When work is dull and dreary…one whiff of this and I am instantly transported to a tropical island.  Bonus:  The organic coconut oil leaves hands amazingly soft.

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Taking care of baby

Please follow these instructions carefully.

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Lil Z, you look really good in red! (Shirt courtesy of Z-Bear’s favorite aunt, Babe Khala, who went to Orlando without him…)

Happy weekend everyone!

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You will never catch me LOLing or OMGing. I just like to write stuff out, even in my text messages.  It’s just how I write, that’s all.  I have to roll my eyes every time I see the way some of my younger Facebook friends write.  Seriously, when did we stop teaching the kids how to speak, read and write English properly?  I am old, I know.

When you enter the mommy blogosphere and start reading all comments parents leave on websites, you come across a different type of shorthand.   It took me a few months on Babycenter.com to understand that LO meant little one.  Huh? But it’s the way of the world, so I need to polish up and learn these things.  So here’s a crash course on understanding the terminology: 

DH : Dear Husband

DS:  Dear Son

DD:  Dear Daughter

SAHM/D:  Stay-at-home mom/dad

WAHM/D: Work-at-home mom/dad

FTWM/D: Full-time working mom/dad

FTM/D: First time mom/dad

LO: Little One

BF: Breastfeeding

EBF: Exclusively Breastfeeding

EBM: Expressed Breast milk

FF: Formula Feeding

BW: Baby wearing

CIO: Cry it out

CD: Cloth Diapering

TTC: Trying to conceive

MIL, SIL, BIL, FIL: Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Father-in-law

AP:  Attachment parenting

EDD: Expected date of delivery

IVF: In-vitro fertilization

Vax: Vaccinations

…and my personal favorite – NAK: Nursing at keyboard

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We have officially started giving Lil Z his first solid food.  He is 2 weeks shy of 5 months, but I confess, I was antsy to see if he would even know what to do with a spoon.  That, plus he is hungry as a horse lately, and I gathered it just may be time for something other than milk.

 His first food: Earth’s Best Organics Rice Cereal.  I bought the ‘Convenient Packets’, and I would recommend doing so in the beginning since the little one may not get the hang of it right away, and this makes sure you only open a little bit and the cereal stays fresh.  I used Tommee Tippee feeding utensils, simply because I wanted to give the company’s products another try.  My prior experience with their bottles was not so successful, but I am happy to say that the feeding bowls and spoons are awesome, and we give it a big thumbs up.  I also bought food pots for on-the-go feeding because they just looked so darned cute.

Z-Bear looked like such a big boy sitting on his Bumbo chair when we began the feeding.  We love the Bumbo chair, and not just because it has such a fun sounding name.  It works great at this stage, before we are ready to move on to a highchair, and it uses up such little space.  For the first feeding, I used half a tablespoon of Earth’s Best Organics Rice Cereal mixed with one tablespoon of breast milk.  He was definitely intrigued by what mama and papa were so excited about when we began the feeding, but it didn’t click with him that he was supposed to eat it.  So the first try was not really a success.  I wasn’t discouraged and we tried a few days later.  Only this time, I added equal parts cereal and milk, and what do you know, Lil Z was opening his mouth wide and ready to eat the second time around.  He gobbled it up in a matter of minutes.  We were so proud!  Can’t wait until he is ready for more foods and I can start preparing baby food for the little gourmand.

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