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Diaper Duty

I was in Target this weekend and picked up a ginormous box of diapers and baby wipes and struggled to put it in my cart.  Phew…that should be enough…for a week, I guess.  You never truly understand just how many diapers you are going to change as a new mom until you actually have a baby.  Whatever number you have in your head, multiply it by at least 2.  So it baffles me when I see someone with a small pack of diapers and just one pack of wipes in their cart walking breezily down the store.  How do they do it?  I read that the average baby goes through 2,800 diapers a year.  That means more than 90 trips to the store if you buy the dainty 30 pack every time.  Wow!  I think I’d rather stick to the unsightly box of 200.  And today, I’d like to share my review on the baby diapers we’ve used for Lil Z-Bear.

Pampers Swaddlers – We were given Swaddlers at the hospital, and we continued to use them.  I like the soft, cloth-like feel, and it has a snug yet not too tight fit that contours very well around the Lil Z’s precious legs and bottom.  Also, as far as leaks ago, besides a handful here and there, (which was mostly related to either waiting too long to change his diaper, or my novice experience in putting the diaper on) we have not had any leak problems.  I confess I had never changed a baby’s diaper until Lil Z entered this world, and the Swaddlers are easy to put on, and the tabs are Velcro-like.

Pampers Cruisers – When Lil Z outgrew his Swaddlers, I was bummed out (no pun intended) since I liked the Swaddlers so much and because it meant Z-Bear was becoming a big boy (Waaah!).  The Cruisers are great, they are simply a larger and slightly thinner version of Swaddlers.

Pampers Sensitive Baby wipes – These are unscented and claim to be as gentle as water.  I love them, they don’t irritate Z-Bear’s bum, they are soft yet sturdy, and they aren’t sticky or messy.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to stay away from heavily fragranced products for baby. There simply is no need for it, especially if you have a baby with sensitive skin.  On the subject, I use Tide Pure and Gentle for baby’s laundry, and discovered it take out stains just as well as regular Tide, so I started doing all our laundry in it…it makes laundry a whole lot easier.

Diaper Cream:  Check out this earlier post.

Diaper Genie – I read mixed reviews on this, and I was skeptical about the Genie.  But now that we have it, I can’t imagine doing without it.  We use the Diaper Genie Elite II, and we have no problems with diaper smells.  The bags that need to be purchased separately can get expensive, but I think it’s a small price to pay for the convenience. 

Changing table – This is another essential that we can’t imagine doing without. It makes changing diapers so much easier, and is great for getting baby dressed.  If I could do it over again, I would get a changing table with a side table attached at the same level as the changing pad.  Because now that Lil Z is getting bigger, there isn’t enough room for the baby wipes box on the changing pad, and using the shelves on the bottom is an extra step that could have been easily avoided.

Diaper Stacker: This contraption made from cloth and a hanger seems unassuming, but I’d say it’s a must for every nursery.  Ours hangs on the wall at the same level as the changing table, and being able to just reach over and pull one out is a huge benefit.  It’s a lot easier than reaching down for diapers stacked in a box or bin. It sounds small, but with so much strain on your back with baby activities, every little thing counts.

Be sure to have hand sanitizer (with a pump) on the changing table.  Oh, and the baby wipes warmer…that you can skip.


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