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What’s the opposite of writer’s block?  Because I have so many things I want to write about but need to get my thoughts un-jumbled so that I can write cohesive posts, and I need to find the time to sit down and actually write them.  Most of them are reflections on how amazing this year has been and how much it has taught me.

We don’t celebrate Christmas, but it has been a nice 5 day weekend spent with Lil Z-Bear, although I am working all of this week (Accounting and year-end close waits for no man!)  It was great to be snowed in, the only thing better than freshly fallen snow and hot chocolate is a cooing baby to enjoy it with. 

Yesterday, when hubby came home (he had to go to work, drag!) I was playing with Z-Bear after spending the entire day at his beck and call.  As soon as papa walked in, mama became invisible and it was all grins for papa.  It made me reflect on something: babies are thankless little creatures!  When I was pregnant, everyone told me that little boys love their mommies while little girls are more attached to their daddies.  Well, Lil Z’s face lights up like a burst of warm sunshine on a cold day every time his papa walks into the room, and mama is just a mere memory then.  I’d be upset and jealous, if it didn’t absolutely melt my heart to see these two so much in love!

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It is Tuesday, it is so cold that if I went outside and for some reason I decided to cry, I am sure my tears would freeze mid-run down my cheeks.  I am still sluggish after recovering from a cold.  And it is an uneventful week.  I mean, seriously, do you want to know what got me excited today?  While running some reports for work, I realized that the current month and the year-to-date field are the same: December.  So it meant I got to be lazy and didn’t have an extra field to populate.  How awesome is that!  Like I said…it’s a slow week.

 In the same vein, it is shaping up to be a slow week for blogging.  I haven’t jotted down anything on a sticky note about what to blog about this week like I usually do.  My sticky note today is completely blank, staring at me in a lackluster fashion, like the rest of the week.  So I browsed through my favorite mommy blogs for inspiration to strike me.  Here are a few things I found:

Great minds think alike!  I find so many versions of things I write on my blog about Lil Z-Bear.  It also tells me that I probably don’t really have a single original thought.

I get disproportionately excited when I see a mommy using the same baby monitor/piece of clothing/diaper bag etc. as I do.

When I see a baby wearing the same article of clothing as Lil Z has, I always think Z-Bear wore it better (what can I say, I’m one proud mama!)

All moms tend to exaggerate their babies accomplishments (or perhaps, not so much exaggerate, but they just seem so grand in our minds).  For example, I truly believe that any mom who says their baby who is under the age of 12 months 6 months sleeps through the night, what they really mean is the baby may or may not wake up for a quick feeding at either 12 am or 5 am, but after being used to feeding every 3 hours, technically anything over 6 hours is sleeping through the night.

Moms 30 and over blog differently than twenty-something mothers.  And I am in awe (also, perhaps a little irritated) when I see fresh-faced mommies of 23 blogging about their 2 year olds.  And I don’t believe their complaints about stretch marks.

When moms ask for advice on their blogs, if their baby is even a day older than Z-Bear’s six months, I refrain from responding.  Because the mommy club is all about seniority.  Everyone should respect that.

…Well, back to my slow week…although as a mom you never know, it could pick up any second…

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You will never catch me LOLing or OMGing. I just like to write stuff out, even in my text messages.  It’s just how I write, that’s all.  I have to roll my eyes every time I see the way some of my younger Facebook friends write.  Seriously, when did we stop teaching the kids how to speak, read and write English properly?  I am old, I know.

When you enter the mommy blogosphere and start reading all comments parents leave on websites, you come across a different type of shorthand.   It took me a few months on Babycenter.com to understand that LO meant little one.  Huh? But it’s the way of the world, so I need to polish up and learn these things.  So here’s a crash course on understanding the terminology: 

DH : Dear Husband

DS:  Dear Son

DD:  Dear Daughter

SAHM/D:  Stay-at-home mom/dad

WAHM/D: Work-at-home mom/dad

FTWM/D: Full-time working mom/dad

FTM/D: First time mom/dad

LO: Little One

BF: Breastfeeding

EBF: Exclusively Breastfeeding

EBM: Expressed Breast milk

FF: Formula Feeding

BW: Baby wearing

CIO: Cry it out

CD: Cloth Diapering

TTC: Trying to conceive

MIL, SIL, BIL, FIL: Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Father-in-law

AP:  Attachment parenting

EDD: Expected date of delivery

IVF: In-vitro fertilization

Vax: Vaccinations

…and my personal favorite – NAK: Nursing at keyboard

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