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1.  My hubby.  YOU. ARE. AWESOME.  I know I probably don’t tell you enough between diaper changes and late night feedings, between telling you to wash the bottles and complaining about how much my boobs hurt. 

2. Lil Z-Bear rolling over for the first time yesterday…and I was there to witness it!  Of course, by the time I grabbed the camera to capture this precious moment, he refused to do it a second time.

3. Chocolate brown boots for fall.  Thank you hubby for letting me buy not one but two pairs this week, even though I already have 2 in the closet. (See # 1)

4. Chocolate.  Because does chocolate really need a reason.  To be more specific : Miniature Reese’s Cups that have been sitting in the fridge for close to 4 weeks in anticipation of the peanut butter cup brownies I promised hubby I’d make.  I’ve been grabbing a handful on my way to work all week, and they are almost gone.

5.  October!  My favorite month of the year.

6.  I turn 30 in less than two weeks. (Add to loving right now)

7.  I turn 30 in less than two weeks. (Add to not loving so much right now)

8.  My new Cuisinart coffee maker.

9.  My darling Lil Z-Bear who lets mama drink plenty of coffee and doesn’t fuss at all when drinking mama’s milk.

10. The rainy weather. (Add to loving right now)

11. The rainy weather.  (Add to not loving so much right now)

12.  My new Motorola DROID X!  Thank you hubby for getting it for me. (See # 1)

13.  The fact that it’s Friday!


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