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We have officially survived Lil Z-Bear’s first cold.  Our little cub is doing much better now, he had a stuffy nose and a cough.  Thankfully he did not have a fever, and even despite his misery, Z-Bear was such a trooper and had smiles for us even when he was struggling.  I got to use a lot of the stuff that new mommies buy in hopes of never having to actually need.  Little Noses Saline spray was a lifesaver in keeping Lil Z’s nose clear, as were the grape scented Boogie Wipes.  And I was loving the lavender scented Vicks baby rub and lavender and rosemary Vicks Vapopads.  They did wonders in creating an environment of comfort for the Bear, and for us as well…

Because in addition to spreading overall love and cheer to us, Z-Bear also passed along his cold to us.  The weather this weekend was perfect actually for staying in jammies all weekend, drinking lots of chicken soup, and napping when the little guy napped.  Lil Z, lovable bear that he is, was a sweetheart and didn’t bother mama and papa too much. I think he sensed that we were sick and needed some time to recuperate. 

Sunday I felt a little better, so I did a quick grocery run, and got this gorgeous organic butternut squash to prepare for Z-Bear.  Can’t you tell he is ready to dig in?

And later in the evening, as a treat, my sister and I prepared some yummy chocolate hazelnut cupcakes (recipe from a fellow mommy blogger).

Hubby and I still haven’t gotten rid of the sniffles, but nothing some extra cuddles from Z-Bear won’t fix…


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I love me some cupcakes.  Who doesn’t?  They are such delightful morsels of moist cake and tingle-on-your-tongue sweet icing.  But as much as I love these little pieces of sheer pleasure, I am not too crazy about the so-called boutique cupcakeries that have been popping up all over the place.  Since when did it become okay for anyone who owns a whisk to mix together flour, eggs and sugar, bake some cupcakes, swirl on some uber-sweet icing, give the cupcake a sexy name (i.e. Sinful Chocolate Indulgence) and charge you up to 5 dollars for a single one?

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