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This morning I woke up with a big grin on my face, not just because Lil Z slept a whole 7 hours and I couldn’t wait to hold him in my arms again, but because I knew today I’d write my first official entry on this blog. While sitting at my desk at work yesterday, I had jotted down a few ideas on a yellow sticky note about what I could communicate to the world about my (limited) wisdom as a new mother. I definitely want to do reviews of products I have used on the Z-bear, and talk about the things that worked and didn’t work for me. So, in light of the great Similac debacle that’s all over the news (in case you didn’t hear, they recalled certain batches of their formula) I think it would be great to start with what we are feeding Lil Z that makes him the big, strong, lovable bear that he is.

Lil Z was born just under 5 lbs, a miniscule baby by my family’s standards (I was a whopping 10 lbs!), but that was because he decided to enter the world a full 6 weeks before he was due. I was lucky enough that I could feed the little one breast milk, but as he got older and and my milk supply dwindled in comparison to his voracious appetite, we had to start supplementing his feedings with formula. So at 3 months, we are at a ratio of 60 to 70 percent breast milk to 30 to 40 percent formula. One day while I was giving Z-bear a bottle, I realized that I needed to give more thought to what formula I was putting into his precious little body. At the time he was on Similac since it was the free sample we got from the hospital on our way out. Similac caused him to spit up a lot, so I started looking at the usual suspects: Enfamil, Good Start, etc. Then, while reading a blog of another new mommy and her search for the right organic formula, I knew that I’d want to go the organic route as well. Tons of research followed, which lead to purchasing a can of Earth’s Best Organic.

Lil Z, sweet little angel that he is, drank it up without a peep, and I noticed that the spit-up was less than with Similac. But I still wasn’t in love with the formula (granted, how much can a mama really love formula?) so the search continued. That’s when I came across Baby’s Only. I had my doubts about this one, but after doing even more research, I picked up a can and decided to give it a whirl. Et voila! His excessive spit-up disappeared overnight, and we have not had any problems with it yet.

There are several reasons why I like Baby’s Only: it is organic, there is no corn syrup in the formula, there is no DHA/ARA, (this is personal preference, I don’t like the DHA/ARA because it makes the formula smell and taste rather bad, I am wary of the process used to extract the DHA/ARA from algae to put into the formula, and I am skeptical of the benefits) and it’s a lot cheaper than the other organic formulas out there (under 10 bucks for 12.7 ounces at our local Wegmans). So if you are looking into starting or switching formulas for the baby, this new mama definitely recommends Baby’s Only.


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