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1. Midnight Delight leftover birthday icecream cake from Cold Stone Creamery:  I turned the big 3-0 this week, and hubby bought this incredibly delicious cake from Cold Stone for my birthday.  Chocolate cake, chocolate icecream, and covered in chocolate fudge ganache.  Yes, please! 

2.  The fact that I can no longer consider myself a twentysomething – not liking so much. 

3.  Narciso: Can you have more than one signature scent?  How about 5?  My go to for everyday at work is Chanel No. 5 (because seriously, who doesn’t LOVE the smell) but when the weather gets cooler, I love the warm embrace of the musky Narciso.  It is the sexiest perfume ever.  It reminds me of intimate parties, dark rooms, butter-soft leather couches you can sink into, the clink of glasses, the chatter of voices, black cocktail dresses, and the faint smell of cigars.

4.  Fire-engine red leaves on trees: I love the changing colors that autumn brings.  The light browns, the bright yellows, and the vivid orange hues.  But every now and then, a tree bursts onto the scene with stunning, vibrant red leaves.  Spotting these trees is one of the many joys of the season.

 5.  Singing lullabies to Lil Z-Bear:  I can’t sing.  I am not just bad at it, I am so bad that if I were singing, you’d rip your own arm just to have something to throw at me.  But when it is Lil Z’s bedtime, I turn off the lights, swaddle him tightly, close the door, and gently whisper songs to him.  It’s a very special moment between mama and her baby cub, and he is the only one who smiles and relaxes when I sing. 

 6.  The fact that soon, very soon, my beloved cashmere sweaters are going to come out of hiding and greet the cool, crisp air.

 7.  Like: My new Italian brown leather handbag with bright red silk lining.  Dislike: I already spilled coffee on the silk lining.

 8.  How ridiculously cute these thermal henleys look on Lil Z-Bear.  And how ridiculously cuter these thermal henleys look on hubby.  I’m one lucky gal.

 9.  Anything that smells or tastes like pumpkin spice or apple spice.

 10.  Cute names for dark nail polish colors for the fall.  Such as Mink Muffs.

 11.  Lavender & Orange Badger Lip Balm:  I am obsessed with lavender, and I am obsessed with lip balms.


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