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Lil Z-Bear, you keep growing so fast, I don’t even have time to document new things you are learning before you do something even cuter.  Each and every one of them endear you even more to me cub.  Here is a list of a few things you’ve been doing since you turned 7 months old that have me entranced!

 – You are sitting up unsupported and even reaching for things.  I love how you look up at us with an awestruck look on your face that says “Hey, I’m actually doing this!”  And yes, sometimes I succumb to fits of laughter when you wobble, topple over, and fall back.  It’s just so darned cute. 

– You don’t quite babble.  Instead, you sing.  It sounds sweet as a bird, with low and high pitches and some humming thrown in between.

–  When you cry, you utter something that sounds a lot like “Mumma”.  I thought it was just me hearing something I’ve been longing to hear, but your papa definitely hears it too.

– You happily eat everything that we feed you.  And you open your mouth wide as soon as you see a spoon. 

– You lift up your legs and grab on to your feet when we change you or after a bath.  It melts my heart every time you do.

– When you roll over, you give us a look that says “Look what I just did guys, now ooh and aah over me!”  And you wait patiently for mama or papa to animatedly acknowledge what you just did, and then you smile.

– You are an AMAZING sleeper; I can’t believe how lucky we are with that!  My favorite part is how you rub your face and eyes, and we know that’s the signal to put you to bed.

– You love to drink water and juice from your sippy cup (With our assistance.  We help you hold the cup since you can’t drink all by yourself yet).   Also, it only took a handful of tries before you got the hang of it!  And when mama and papa drink a glass of water you absolutely MUST have a sip of it also.  And I am amazed at how well you can drink from a glass if we hold it to your lips.

–  I love the way your eyes observe every minute detail around you, and the way your hands grab things and feel the texture of walls, cloths, carpets, floor, and toys.  You have become quite the thinker lately and you seem a much more serious baby who is in awe of the world and your surroundings.

– With all the things that have changed as you have gotten older, I am glad about something that hasn’t: your smell.  That familiar Lil Z-Bear smell that lingered the first day I held you in my arms is still there in your clothes, your toys, and every time I pick you up.


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It’s been a lovely weekend spent with Lil Z-Bear.  Here are the highlights:

I gave the cub a haircut!  His hair was getting a bit long in some areas, and I wanted to even it out.  He looks way too adorable for his own good…and he is sitting up all by himself!

I made some amazingly good banana bread (recipe from a fellow mommy blogger!) and nothing quite like starting the day with freshly baked banana bread and a nice, strong cup of coffee.

We spent Sunday in Philadelphia, having brunch at Day by Day with my sister for her birthday.  All I have to say is poached eggs over smoked salmon over potato latkes covered in hollandaise is definitely my new favorite brunch food!

Check out for (somewhat) matching hats!

Waiting at the entrance to be seated for brunch

After brunch we stopped over at the Flying Monkey Patisserie for some yummy goodies.  I can’t think of a better combination for cake than banana, chocolate chips, and peanut butter buttercream icing!

Thank you Z-Bear for being such a happy, well-behaved baby who loves to explore new things as much as we do!

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Milkshakes and snow

Moving from organic formula straight to chocolate milkshake…Attaboy!

Happy (snowy) weekend everyone!

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1.  Mint flavored anything.  The flavor of mint instantly transports me into holiday season mood.  Pair chocolate and mint, and I am in a winter wonderland.  I can’t get enough of the stuff, and the trails of foil wrappers left around the house prove that.

2.  My kidskin leather gloves (made in a small glove shop in Florence, Italy).  I’ve had them for years, and every winter when it is time to take them out, they are buttery soft.

3.  The cold weather.  Yes, I love it.  The bare trees, the feeling that the air is so crisp it is made of glass, how amazing it feels when you hold a hot drink in your hand, or walk in a warm building after facing the blustery cold, and how even more amazing it feels to slip under the warm covers of the bed at night.

4.  Speaking of cold weather…I love how everyone looks like Eskimos around winter time…the hats, the gloves, the boots, the scarves, and the red noses.

5.  Eggnog.  When I first heard of eggnog, it sounded disgusting.  And the first time I tried it, I thought it tasted gross.   But now, I love the stuff with its creamy, sugary, nutmegy goodness.

6.  Homemade hot chocolate made with 1 heaping tablespoon of Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa, 1 cup warmed milk, 1/4 cup warmed cream, sugar to taste.  And topped with these mini marshmallows.  Not only are they delicious with a mild vanilla flavor, but they are made with fish gelatin (not bovine or porcine), which means I can eat them!

7.  Homemade fudge.  I love fudge anytime of the year, but especially in the winter.  Best fudge recipe: Heidi Swanson’s Fantasy-ish Fudge.  It has the sugary smooth texture of fudge that I prefer over the creamy kind, and it tastes yum!

8.  The anticipation of Z-Bear’s first snow!  Which means we get to bundle him up and take tons of cute pictures of him.  Let’s just hope the weather doesn’t disappoint.

9.  Creams, lotions and body washes that are scented like holiday baked treats. Especially the Philosophy holiday collection.

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The bib ‘runway’ lights up!

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Cause the angels will just keep on multiplying”  –Jack Johnson

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This Thanksgiving weekend was chock full of firsts.  I was in such holiday weekend mode, it was near impossible rolling out of bed this morning, getting dressed, heading to work and leaving Lil Z-Bear home.

Z-Bear loved sitting in the warm kitchen and watching mama cook.  He was especially excited when we got ready to put the turkey in the oven.  But wait a second…that’s not the turkey!

Uh-oh, sorry Z-Bear, it got a little confusing since you are both the same size.  But he forgave us and was happy to see just how nice the turkey came out. 

And he digged in with us. Lil Z got his first vegetable that day: sweet potatoes…he was a fan!

The next day we went out and bought our little guy a highchair.  I was enjoying using the Bumbo chair for the past couple of weeks, but now that we have the highchair, it’s so easy for feedings, we absolutely love it.  He loved it too!

I spent the weekend preparing pureed organic veggies – sweet potatoes for now, and carrots and avocado to try out later in the week.  I always knew I wanted to feed Z-Bear homemade baby food, and this weekend I discovered making it is a cinch.  I simply roasted them in the oven until super tender, and mashed them until they were smooth.  I also put in a dash of pepper, because I am counting on Z-Bear to like spices just as much as I do.  I am in love with these freezer containers we found at Babies R Us for storing.

Saturday was the first night hubby and I went out without the baby.  We went to an engagement party for a family friend, and we had a good time.  And we got to come home to this fellow…notice that he is out of the swaddle!  Yes, that was another first this weekend, he has now moved on to the Halo Sleep Sack.

We wrapped up with a lazy Sunday, staying in, playing with Z-Bear, watching movies, and enjoying some quality family time.  The perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

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