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Are you here yet?

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Two of my good friends are pregnant (both first time mommies) and I couldn’t be happier for them.  I also feel so much older and wiser than them (hah! by 4 whole months into motherhood) and I’d like to pass on my words of wisdom on how to make the best of your pregnancy and prepare for your bundle of joy.

 1.  Sleep.  Don’t feel guilty about sleeping til late in the mornings, taking naps in the day, and going to bed early.  You won’t get much sleep as a mommy.  You just won’t.  No, seriously, you won’t.

2. Enjoy being a twosome.  Having a baby is going to strengthen your love in ways you never imagined, and when baby comes, you won’t know how you ever lived without.  But for now, enjoy how amazing and special just being two is.

3.  Do what feels natural and good for you as a pregnant woman, not what you have seen in movies, books, TV etc.  I never craved a single pickle, I did not feel any hungrier than I normally do, I didn’t snap at my husband (any more than usual), and I didn’t have an urge to clean everything. 

4. Don’t be impatient to have the baby.  I know how hard that is, but pregnancy is just nine short months (yes, short!), just nine months where you feel the unbelievable miracle of life growing inside you, the sheer joy of anticipating the baby, the delight of feeling the flutter of movement and the jolt of hard kicks.  Only nine months where you can dream all day of what the baby will look like and know how great a mother you are going to be.

5.  You thought shopping for shoes was fun?  Wait til you start shopping for baby.  Really take in every moment, from picking out the crib to the tiny socks baby will wear.

6.  Its ok to splurge on any baby item you really want.  I have yet to regret a single purchase I made for baby.

7.  If you are struggling with pregnancy symptoms and dreading the labor, just remember pregnancy and labor are the easy parts.  They really are.

8.  You cannot be too prepared.  If you have the room ready, the baby stuff bought, and your hospital bag packed the day after you pee on that stick, that’s not too early.

9.  Say yes to all offers of help now, before the baby comes.  If anyone offers to help cook, clean, do your laundry, whatever, just say yes.  You may think now you will have time to do all those things, but you won’t.

10. Pamper yourself.  Get a manicure, pedicure, wax, haircut, massage, whatever you please.  Two reasons.  a) You want to make the best of that wonderful pregnancy glow.  b) There will be days in the future when combing your hair will be a luxury.

11.  Be prepared for motherhood to astound you, stump you, make you feel elated and make you cry all at the same time.


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