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I am really enjoying watching NBC’s Parenthood.  I’m a big fan of Lauren Graham, which is why I started to watch the show in the first place.  It takes a while to get into it, but once you start to follow the characters, it’s hard not to be hooked.  I enjoy this show now that I am a mom, but I am certain I would not have liked it two years ago.  In a recent episode, Julia (a very successful working mom at a top corporate law firm) and Joel (a stay-at-home dad) are having trouble getting their daughter Sydney to sleep in her own bed since she has nightmares and comes to sleep with her parents.  The scene below is one of the ooey-gooey reasons I like the show:

Julia: When mommies and daddies first meet and they fall in love, they get in this kind of a love bubble. It’s their own little world. And they’re just in there with each other. And then… babies come. And it makes them really happy. And they want the babies to come in the bubble with them. But they only made the bubble for two people at first… so it gets a little squishy.

Sydney: But does it grow?

Julia: It does grow, but it takes time for it to grow, so…

Sydney: So the daddy’s getting pushed out?

Julia: That’s exactly right. And he starts to feel a little left out, you know? He misses some of that attention that he used to get. So, do you think you could help me out with that, by sleeping in your own bed for a little bit, so daddy can come back in the bubble… for a little bit?

Sydney: Sure. Sometimes daddies are like little babies who need attention too.


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